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乐投-Explanation on Printed Edition of Food Packaging Bags

At present, there are several printing methods for food packaging bags.
1. relief printing;
2. Electronic engraving gravure printing;
3. Lithographic printing;
4. Screen printing;
5. Photocopy;
6. Heat transfer printing;
7. Electrostatic photocopying;
8. Inkjet printing.

Among them, food packaging bags are electronic engraving gravure printing, also known as copperplate printing in the packaging bag industry.
The principle of electronic engraving gravure; the use of electronic engraving machine, the use of photoelectric principle, control carving knife, carving holes on the surface of the drum, its area and depth change at the same time.
The design drawings of the pattern, text carved on the drum, according to the depth of color, the depth of carving on the drum is also different. The printing effect of food packaging bags depends entirely on the precision of cylinder engraving. The printing effect of food packaging bags directly reflects the value of products.
Finally, it should be explained that the price of printing drum is closely related to the size of food packaging bags and the quality of drum. Direct influence of drum quality

Cycle life of drum.
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