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Successful packaging design of aluminium foil bags must contain some creative elements. What is creativity? It's a simple and complex question.
Creativity is a good idea, a good idea, and shows its novelty and uniqueness. Creativity is explained by "originality". "Meaning" means "novelty, creativity". The creativity of packaging design can be manifested in many ways, including packaging materials, packaging forms, packaging structure, packaging brand fonts, packaging graphics, packaging color, packaging arrangement and other specific links. Packaging design belongs to the art of visual communication. It seeks the originality and aesthetics of vision. At the same time, it should have clear informativeness. Without the creative expression of visual form, its creativity can not reflect the commercial value of packaging. Creativity should always focus on the function of packaging - disseminating information. The creative preparation of packaging design embodies an innovation, which is the source of human social development and the inexhaustible motive force of artistic progress, innovation and change. Packaging design serves commerce, facing fierce competition in the market and critical consumers. Only creative commodity packaging can have sales, attraction and conquer the market to win favor of consumers. Creativity is the soul of design and the premise of successful design. Excellent creativity comes from Designers'keen market insight and positive thinking, knowledge accumulation and rich experience. Creativity is packaging design. However, the creativity of vacuum bag packaging design is a kind of restricted creative activity (such as the basic size, shape of packaging, subjective opinions of customers, packaging cost, packaging process restrictions, etc.). How to create freedom in the restriction and make unlimited thinking under limited conditions is a long-term work that every designer must strive to explore.
Before carrying out specific innovations in packaging, first of all, we should fully understand the enterprises and products that produce commodities. Generally, we should start from three aspects:
1. The basic situation of the market, such as the market characteristics and potential of the product, competitors, etc.
2. The basic situation of the consumer population, such as the age, economic income and cultural quality of the consumer population;
3. The basic situation of market-related products and their own products (e.g. new products going on the market or old products changing packaging) includes brand image and popularity, good feeling, trust, product price, quality, sales methods and so on.
After extensive understanding, designers can give full play to their imagination and creativity according to the information they have, make preliminary creative ideas, and then through further repeated deliberation, improvement and development, finally determine the creative point of interest. Generally speaking, the goal of packaging creativity should firmly establish the idea of "people-oriented". Laozi once said: the old road is big, the sky is big, the earth is big, and the people are big. There are four major domains, and human settlements are the same. It shows that human being is an important factor that can not be neglected, and we should attach importance to human and human-oriented thought. When looking for accurate and reasonable positioning of packaging design. We should pay attention to people's material needs and spiritual feelings. The creative expression process of packaging begins with our thinking. The more reverse and transverse the thinking is, the more logical and practicable it is. Vacuum packaging bags are valuable ideas. .
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